April 19, 2011

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Pilgrim on a journey

August 10, 2016

Following a career as a solicitor and having journeyed through grief following the death of two of their children, Nick Shutt responded to God’s call to ordination and is now Rector of the West Dartmoor Mission Community.

Nick and his wife Corinne were left devastated over their loss and they realised that there are no easy answers where suffering is concerned.

He said: “In the midst of our grief we found it hard to cope with those who seemed to want to turn our tragedy into something good. I learned that faith is sometimes a matter of gritting your teeth and echoing the man in the Gospel who shouted ‘I believe, forgive my unbelief’.”

Nick had been involved in church youth work for many years and following conversations with his then rector decided to explore the path to ordained ministry. What became clear to Nick in the process is his belief in self-supporting ministry.

He said: “I am a passionate believer in self-supporting ministry and I continued with my legal career.”
Only later, following retirement from law, did Nick become a full-time minister (still unpaid) in the Yelverton Team Ministry and although taking on a challenging role is positive about the experience. He said: “It has been a bumpy road…. but on the whole it has been an amazing journey.”

He adds: “I love the image of us being pilgrims who journey with purpose. It is very fitting for a place like Dartmoor which is littered with wayside crosses and ancient trackways previously used by pilgrims.” And it is Nick’s vision of us as God’s people that he finishes with: “Our God-given lives are precious and it would be good to see more people embrace the fact that Christ came so that we might enjoy abundant life.”

Nick with Willow, their new 14 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy

Nick with Willow, their new 14 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy

Praying around the world – Paraguay

August 4, 2016

Paraguay – as a church we have supported the current Anglican bishop of Paraguay, Peter Bartlett, and his wife Sally for a number of years. They give thanks for the recently completed translation of the Bible in Exnet. They ask for prayers for the Diocesan Synod on 26th-28th August which happens once every two years and for new leaders to be raised up to serve the church.


• Pray for the Spirit of Truth to renew the Church and break the power of superstition.

 • Pray for government leaders to embrace God’s righteousness in place of corruption.

 • Pray for followers of Jesus to unite across denominational lines.

Often referred to as “Corazon de America” or “Heart of America,” Paraguay is a beautiful country of diverse landscapes and people in the centre of South America.  Prominent among the hundreds of rivers, the Paraguay River separates the country geographically and economically.  The fertile eastern side supports the predominantly agricultural economy. West of the river, the Chaco, with its low, vast, marshy plains and semi-arid climate, is larger in size but much less productive and populated. The native Guarani language is widely spoken culturally, but Spanish is preferred in business and government. Most of the people of Paraguay live within 100 miles (160 km) of the capital city of Asuncion.

After many generations of political turmoil and wars, Paraguay adopted a democratic system of government in 1992.  The recent government has been successful in implementing some reforms, but corruption in the public and private sectors, money laundering, and drug trafficking still exist. Paraguay is also the largest grower of cannabis in South America. Because of its location in the centre of South America, Paraguay has become involved in the crime of larger surrounding countries like Brazil and Argentina. Economically, many of its people live below the poverty line.

 Paraguay’s government promotes religious freedom and most of the population is Roman Catholic.  Although superstitious traditionalism and occult-related bondage exist, the country recognises the long-lasting positive impact that Catholicism has made on public life. The cities host most of the small protestant population, with the exception of a strong Mennonite presence in the western region of the country.

More food … !

August 4, 2016

We like food – or rather, eating together – at St Michael’s & St Barnabas! There are two more opportunities coming up to fellowship together over a shared meal …

Sunday August 7th is our regular shared lunch following the morning service, but this week we will also be celebrating with our baptism family … so please bring extra for our guests as we invite visitors to stay and join us🙂 If you’ve not been before, don’t go on missing out on the opportunity to enjoy the company of our church family and friends.


Thursday August 11th is an Indian themed evening at St Michael’s at 7pm as Roger and Annette and their Indian visitor pastor Paul tell us about the growth of the church in India. This is a pot luck supper so please bring a pot or casserole to share and any accompaniments (it doesn’t have to be Indian!), or something to drink.



Autumn term card

August 4, 2016

Our term card for September to November is now available here. It contains details of all our Sunday services and other activities, so is ideal to give to friends and family who may be interested. Or use it as your bookmark to remind you to pray for what’s going on in the life of the church family each day🙂

image Sept Nov

Sept Nov front

Click on image to view or on links above to download in full

WATT – pastoral care

August 1, 2016

study-groupWATT (Women at the Table) met yesterday for a discussion on pastoral care in the church. We had a wide-ranging discussion led by Annette, covering our experience and expectations of pastoral care, as well as looking at biblical examples and principles.

It’s not easy to summarise 2 hours of discussion while eating cake (!), but we agreed on a number of things …

Pastoral care needs to be:

Practical – our acts of love to each other, our desire to include newcomers and our attempts to reach those outside the church

Personal – a visit is better than a phone call … and as we get to know someone, we get to know their character and circumstances and can act/pray accordingly

Patient (or perhaps persistent!) – one visit isn’t enough! Even the most difficult person will come to realise they are loved if we don’t give up

Prayerful – led by the Holy Spirit

We certainly came away with lots to think about🙂

Our next meeting is on Sunday, August 28th, 5pm at the Vicarage when Pam and Joan will share some of their craft ideas with us.

Praying around the world – Papua New Guinea

July 30, 2016

Papua New Guinea is a remote nation with about 1000 people groups and over 800 languages. Give thanks that most people profess to be Christian, but there are deep issues with spiritual warfare and disunity between tribes. Pray also for wise economic growth, that neither the environment or the native people will be exploited by foreign companies. Pray for good discipleship of the next generation and for godly leaders to strengthen and grow the church.


• Pray for an end to tribal fighting, revenge killing, and sorcery-related violence.

 • Pray for audio discipleship materials in all 300+ languages still needing translation work.

 • Pray for unity of the Spirit across isolated and diverse church communities.

WATT Sunday July 31st

July 26, 2016

study-groupWomen at the Table (WATT) is our new women’s group. We meet on the last Sunday of each month, 5pm at the Vicarage, for discussion, prayer … and to eat cake. Our topics are chosen and prepared by members of the group, and this month we are looking at pastoral care in the church family … what are our priorities, how do we achieve them, how do we keep it practical … and any other questions that come up!



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