Our MAP (Mission Action Plan)

Since the publication of the report Moving on in Mission and Ministry in 2003, the Diocese of Exeter has encouraged every parish or mission community to adopt a Mission Action Plan in order to show how they plan to reach out to the local community with the good news of Jesus Christ.

In April 2012 the annual church meetings of St Michael and St Barnabas approved a new MAP to guide the life of the churches through the next five years . We began by affirming our identity as evangelical churches, before developing our ideas into a brief statement that could be easily understood.

Simply stated, our three principles are:

  • Being with Jesus
  • Being with each other
  • Being in our community and the wider world

To give us a practical working framework, each of these three aims has two goals, and these are presented by the following diagram:

This picture shows that our life both individually and as a church is rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. It spreads out into a common life as the body of Christ, both with other churches members here and other churches both locally and around the world. But our faith also needs to extend from the church into the wider world, and we recognise that each church member has to be equipped to give an account of the hope that they have within them.


In January 2015 the two churches went on an Away Day to look again at the MAP and to update it in light of the Church of England report From Anecdote to Evidence

We identified four key mission action points to help us take our MAP forward:

  • Growth
  • Outreach
  • Follow-up
  • Gifts

We then reviewed the Mission Action Plan after five years, in 2017, and decided to renew it, with significant updates. The detailed text is here:

MAP 2017 A5


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