Safeguarding update 2018

As a church, we recognise that our work with children, young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the whole church community. The PCC are fully committed to acting within current legislation, guidance, national frameworks and the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy and procedures, and as part of that commitment we spend some time each year at PCC reviewing, and if necessary, updating our Safeguarding Policy.

We last agreed a minor update to our policy in May 2018, and have now updated the Safeguarding pages on this website. It is important that we all know what to do when we have concerns, so please click on the link to read a brief introduction to safeguarding procedures.

The full policy is available online (see above), or in printed format from the church office.

Report forms are also available from the church office. However, if you have a safeguarding concern, don’t wait to fill in a form – make contact with someone on the safeguarding team first (at church or at the diocese) … the forms merely help us keep accurate records, and should be completed as soon as possible after you have reported your concern. If you have a suspicion that someone is being abused, please don’t hesitate to report it.

A prayer

Loving God,
we pray that our church may be a place of welcome,
security and compassion.
Keep us watchful yet caring,
trusting yet ready to question,
that all who worship here may do so
in safety and in the knowledge of your love;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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