All Age Worship report – February

Our AAW this month followed on from last month’s topic of youth, by focusing on some of the older members of our church family.

We reminded ourselves of last month’s memory verse (which is also our verse for the year) …

Some of our younger members interviewed Daisy, Joan and Jeanette – asking questions about what church was like when they were younger, how it has changed, and how their faith has grown over the years.

Two of our interviewees with their interviewers!

Then, using the Lumo DVD of Luke (see below), we heard our reading from Luke’s gospel (Luke 2:25-38 full text here), and Lynda talked about learning to wait on God by looking at the example of those who have been faithful for many years.

We sang songs chosen by our interviewees, some, more upbeat, recent songs … as well as reminding ourselves of the actions to a few so-called children’s songs. Some remember last singing some of the songs over 50 years ago! 😀

For our prayer time, we used calendars to remind ourselves of what we are waiting for, to use as prayer fuel, and we said the Lord’s Prayer, using the actions we have learned over the past few months. We will get quicker with practice!

Our topic next month, on Mothering Sunday, will be about the church as family … on, Sunday March 11th

Lumo have produced DVDs of each of the four gospels … see a sample of Luke here … talk to Rev Tim to find out more.


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