TKC 2017 – Praying with others

If you’d like to join us at PUPS (Pop-up Prayer Station), but are unsure because you’ve never actually prayed with anyone before … don’t be! Karen has written this helpful guide to what to do if someone asks you to pray with them:

What do I do if I am at PUPS and somebody asks me to pray for them?

  1. Do not panic, take a breath, inwardly towards the Lord Jesus.

  2. If possible and appropriate, ask another member of the team to pray as well.

  3. Ask the visitor what they want prayer for.

  4. While they tell you, listen. Do not think “What should I say?” Listen until they finish. (It may help if you repeat what they they tell you in your head to yourself)

  5. Ensure that you have understood the prayer request. If there is something you do not understand, ask them. They will not mind.

  6. When you pray, there is no need to tell God what to do or all the details. He knows all that!

  7. Pray that God has control of the situation and for His blessing and love upon the person that you are praying for and anyone they have named. There is no need to give any specifics to God (although using the right names is a good idea). Now be quiet, check with God to see if He wants you to say anything else.

  8. When you finish, check with the visitorif there is anything else that they would like to add or to pray for.

  9. Give them a wooden cross, a contact card, and any other literature that you think would be useful as a result of the conversation that you have just had. As you do so, assure them that Jesus loves them, and so do we.

  10. Throughout the interaction, remember that you are not trying to make a convert. You are simply trying to let God do His will.

PUPS will be at The Indian Inn on Friday,

St Michael’s Church on Saturday morning, and

in Devonport Park after the morning service on Sunday.


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