Praying around the World – catch-up

Each week at St Michael & St Barnabas, we pray for a different country. Our aim is to pray right around the world … we began in 2013 and still have a couple of years to go! Here is a catch-up of all the countries we have prayed for so far this year … 

Singapore is a prosperous country in South-East Asia of many different nationalities and languages. Give thanks for the growth of the church and pray for the Archbishop of Singapore who has oversight of the Anglican church throughout South-East Asia. Ask that the Lord would raise up a new generation of leaders who will continue to help the church make the most of present opportunities and be ready for the many challenges that lie ahead.

Like many Eastern European nations, Slovakia is a nominally Catholic nation but in great need of spiritual renewal. Pray for the Romany population who are often marginalised and suffer deprivation. Also pray that as elsewhere that far-right parties will not gain the power they crave to discriminate against minorities.

Slovenia is a small country which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. There are few evangelical churches and the traditional Catholic church is losing influence. It is one of the countries through which migrants pass on the way into Austria and Germany and has taken the radical step of building a fence on the border with Croatia. Pray for a fair and just solution to this particular issue.

Spain is in the news at the moment because of its claims to Gibraltar. Although prosperous, Spain has suffered badly from the financial downturn. It is traditionally Roman Catholic, but the church is losing influence, and there has never been a revival in any church in the nation. There are dialects and regional languages that still lack the whole Bible, and there is little interest or knowledge of God’s word.

Pray for the power of the risen Christ to bring healing and new life in Sri Lanka. After 25 years of brutal civil war, peace was declared in 2009 but the country remains deeply divided on religious and ethnic lines. Christians are in a small minority, and some have faced opposition from the Buddhist majority. Pray for the church itself to be a sign of unity even in the face of persecution so that many more may come to faith in Jesus.

The small island state of Saint Kitts and Nevis is in the Caribbean. In 2005 its 300 year old sugar industry came to an end, and the economic outlook is uncertain. Although there are many churches, pray that the gospel really will change hearts and minds. Pray for the Anglican church as it celebrates its 175th anniversary in May.

And finally, the small Caribbean state of Saint Lucia. The New Testament was only translated into the local language in 1999 – pray that it might help boost literacy and enable the gospel to transform society. Many claim to be Christians but their faith is often mixed in with traditional beliefs and superstitions.


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