A new chapter begins

On Saturday we had the first ever annual meeting of the brand new parish of St Michael’s and St Barnabas, and it was good to see so many there.

Revd Tim started by showing a video from the Bishop of Exeter outlining the three priorities of the diocese:

Share the vision

Revd Tim linked these three priorities with our mission statement first drawn up in 2012:

MAP image

Do you notice the similarities? Rev Tim shared how far we had progressed towards our goals and suggested the next stages in developing our plan. One key challenge for the church is to develop the children’s work and the meeting agreed we needed to look urgently at the question of appointing a children’s worker.

We then moved on to the elections. We appointed a churchwarden, two deanery synod representatives and eight PCC members. We also approved some standing orders, which although technical, will hopefully avoid any confusion about how the PCC operates in the future.

We weren’t in a position to approve the financial statements, so we are going to have another meeting (date tbc) to explain the financial arrangements of the new parish, present these statements and look afresh at our giving.

Then to finish, we watched an inspirational clip from the Archbishop of Canterbury. You can watch it here:

After all the business of the meeting, this was a reminder that, whatever else we seek to do our church, our focus must remain on building God’s kingdom and bringing more people to know and love Him. That’s why we are joining in the national initiative Thy Kingdom Come, ten days of prayer and outreach between Ascension Day May 25th and Pentecost June 5th. Find out more this coming Sunday!


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