Praying around the World – Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has a bitter legacy of civil war, diamond smuggling, corruption and the Ebola virus. Although founded as a Christian nation, it has a majority Muslim population, and many also follow ancient tribal traditions. Pray for the church to stand strong and united and know how to bring healing to a country racked by poverty and suffering.

Prayercast – Sierra Leone

Though Sierra Leone became the first West African nation to be evangelized in 1785, a mere 13% of the population identifies with Christianity today. Sixty percent of the population identifies with Islam and is steadily showing growth, though the government of Sierra Leone allows the freedom of religion. Various occult practices and other ethnic religions are commonly combined with both Islam and Christianity. There are many Christian organizations in the nation aiding in physical, emotional, and psychological healing from the civil war. However, many churches are ill equipped to also tend to the needs of the community as few leaders have training, and many have not even gained any secondary education. Christian radio is vital to reach the many illiterate people in this recovering nation.

• Pray for true stability, sustained peace, and a decisive end to government corruption.

• Pray for restoration and wholeness for those who have suffered the atrocities of war.

• Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower believers who are committed to ministries of healing and reconciliation.


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