Praying around the world – Samoa & San Marino

Samoa comprises nine islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are churches in every village, but spiritual life is under attack from false teaching and disunity. Many young Samoans are leaving the country to work overseas, and the nation is under threat from climate change. Pray for the islanders to have a living hope in Jesus Christ.

• Pray for God’s provision for the unemployed and underemployed in rural areas.

 • Pray for sound Biblical teaching that exposes the errors of Mormonism.

 • Pray for church leaders across all denominations to embrace one another in love.

While missionaries officially arrived in 1830, a number of Samoans had already become followers of Jesus due to shipwrecked sailors. Most Samoans converted to the new religion, and Samoan missionaries played a large role in evangelizing other pacific people groups.  Today the population is 97% Christian, with 58% protestant, 19% Catholic, and a large Mormon population. The church building is central to the Samoan village and is a center for recreation and social life. The villages also set aside time every day for prayer. Growing quickly, the Mormon Church sends and receives more missionaries to and from Samoa than any other faith. The Church in Samoa suffers from nominalism, and the various denominations are plagued by rivalry, pride, and conflict, which divide and weaken. Yet, Church attendance remains high, and the long lasting Christian tradition continues.


San Marino is a tiny but very wealthy country in the heart of Italy, the world’s oldest republic. Although nominally Roman Catholic, like many parts of Europe the real religion is materialism and there is a great spiritual hunger. Pray for revival!

• Pray for Holy Spirit-led proclamation of the Gospel in this unevangelized nation.

 • Pray for the culturally religious to be awakened to their own depravity.

 • Pray for those deceived by materialism to be freed through security in Christ.

Culturally, the Sammarinese are deeply linked to religion, with 89% claiming Christianity (88% of which are Catholic and only .5% Protestant). For many, faith and religion are valuable parts of their heritage but have very little transformational impact on their lives. Spiritual hunger has been replaced by materialism. More and more Sammarinese are rejecting faith of any kind, and small numbers are embracing Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baha’i, and Waldensians. Although there is freedom to worship, evangelism is almost nonexistent, partially due to instances where incarceration and/or expulsion has occurred as a result. Catholicism remains deeply rooted in this culture, with nine Catholic parishes making up the diocese of San Marino. With nominalism as the norm, the Church in San Marino desperately needs a transformational encounter with the Living God.

PRAYERCAST  – San Marino


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