Praying around the world – Romania, Russia

Romania faces significant challenges at every level. Its population is declining as people look abroad for work, and there are huge social issues in one of the poorest nations in Europe. Most people belong to the Orthodox Church, but only in name. Pray for the renewal movement in that denomination, and give thanks that nonetheless gospel churches are growing and taking root.

• Pray for revival among nominal Orthodox Christians.

• Pray for Christian world view to replace believers’ old Communist thought.

• Pray for the Church of Jesus Christ to be unified in love.

Prayercast -Romania

Russia. Although it is a vast place of many different cultures and religion, Russian identity is closely bound up with the Orthodox faith. Recent laws have made it almost impossible for other churches to reach out with the gospel. Russian nationalism is promoting suspicion towards foreigners, and fuelling aggressive foreign policy. Pray for the people of Russia to find their true identity in a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

• Pray for true religious freedom to reign as discrimination and prejudices against evangelicals are rooted out.

• Pray for the millions who consider themselves Russian Orthodox to embrace spiritual change that leads to biblical faith.

• Pray for a hope for the future found not in drugs, alcohol, or crime, but in Jesus Christ alone.

Prayercast – Russia


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