Praying around the world – Poland

Poland suffered much during World War Two and under the Communist regime during which time the Roman Catholic church witnessed courageously to the gospel. Pray for renewal in that church, and for greater understanding of the small Protestant churches often seen as sects. Pray also for the government seeking to adopt traditional Catholic values often at odds with other governments in the European Union.


• Pray for Catholics to focus on the redemptive work of Christ on the cross and the personal relationship that He desires.

• Pray for hearts open to the message of salvation among the materialistic youth.

• Pray for more national missionaries to take the gospel to other Slavic nations.

Saudi Arabia, one of the most hostile nations towards Christianity and boasting a 100 percent Muslim population, has more evangelical Christians than Poland. 

The Catholic Church still holds sway over Polish culture, but personal faith is nominal and morality is being chipped away from the foundations of Polish society.  There is a desperate need for evangelical witnesses, with 90% of the municipalities having no church.  Pagan, Wiccan, and New Age religions are gaining followers, and there are two Jehovah’s Witnesses for every evangelical.  Poland has the potential to change the spiritual wellbeing of Europe, but it is in need of guidance to be redirected toward Christ’s glory. 






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