Praying around the world – Peru

Peru is a country of many different peoples, languages and environments in South America. Following the end of a brutal civil war, the economy is booming, but pray for stable and just government. Much of the growth comes from the cocaine trade, as Peru is the largest grower in the world. Give thanks for the spread of the evangelical church and pray for renewal in the traditional Catholic churches who are often influenced by the native folk religions.


Peru boasts a thriving church of four million evangelicals, but is also the world’s second largest producer of cocaine … 

Peru has a strong history of Catholicism, but many Catholics, as well as mountain Quechua and Aymara people, are bound by a syncretistic combination of Christianity and Andean paganism.  A strong evangelical presence in Peru has sparked a Christian renaissance among Quechan and Amerindian peoples through recent Bible translations and the work of Christian missions. There is still much work to be done, however. Peru needs pastors and teachers rich in solid biblical theology to mentor the next generation of leaders and to help dissipate the superstitions of the tribal people.  Broadcasts from Christian radio stations like HCJB and TWR must continue the work of preaching God’s holy Word over the airwaves. More teams are needed to translate the Bible into the lesser known languages of the Peruvian tribal groups. The needs of the poor and destitute must be at the forefront of the Church’s ministry to practically demonstrate the love of Christ to the lost. May God rain down manna for His hungry people of Peru to be both physically and spiritually fed.

• Pray for a return to peace and stability after decades of corruption, dictatorships, and terror.

• Pray for humble pastors trained in biblical theology who reflect Jesus to a watching culture.

• Pray for Christians to boldly oppose sin and injustice while also ministering to the poor and oppressed

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