Hot Potatoes evening – pictures

IMG_8402Our Hot Potatoes evening was a very special occasion. We really enjoyed fellowship around the tables with our guests – not only our parish visitors Venerable John and Eunice, but also Archdeacon David and his host, retired Archdeacon Barney who had travelled all the way from Bampton to spend the evening with us. Since John is also ‘Vicar General’ of Thika diocese, we were in very grand company indeed!

After the lovely meal, we gathered in the church and John, David and Revd Tim were our panel answering such diverse questions as,

Do you have a church choir? Yes, of about 30 at the ‘mother church’, but no at the daughter church, as it is too small. And we had a demonstration of Kenyan worship as Eunice led us in song …


Have you ever doubted the presence of God? David gave his testimony, and John gave us some verses of scripture.

How has Fairtrade benefited Kenya? Are there any disadvantages? A longer answer, but the consensus of our visitors was that whatever the disadvantages (a few), please do all you can to buy Fairtrade – it gives people jobs and stability, and enables them to support their churches.

Having seen our local community, what advice do our visitors have as to how we should preach the gospel? The same way they do in Kenya! David told us that, The Lord decides whether we are tall or short, but we decide whether we are thin or fat! And FAT stands for …

We must be Faithful and Friendly
Have the right Attitude, be Available, and remember we are Ambassadors for Christ
Be Transparent and Together as the family of God, the church


Our panel, from the left,
Archdeacon David, Venerable John and Revd Tim


We ended our time together by sharing the grace and having a group photo!


Our next opportunity spend time with our visitors is on Sunday, at church, and afterwards as we take a picnic to Mount Edgcumbe via the Cremyll Ferry.


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