Praying around the world – Namibia

NAMIBIA is a large and mostly desert country formerly known as Southwest Africa. Rich in mineral resources, there are huge inequalities between rich and poor, and as one of the driest countries in the world, the land relies on fragile groundwater supplies. Although most people claim to be Christian, there is an urgent need for the churches to rediscover a Biblical faith and for faithful leaders in the churches.

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Namibia began a grueling fight for freedom in 1966 led by the South-West Africa People’s Organization. It was two decades before South Africa agreed to remove their administration from Namibia in compliance with a UN peace plan.

A semi-desert nation in southern Africa, Namibians frequently lack freshwater resources. The nation is also the fourth highest HIV/AIDS-infected country in the world, and life expectancy for Namibians is less than 60 years.  Rich in diamonds, zinc, uranium, and other natural resources, much of the nation’s economy relies on the mining industry. As a result, Namibia became the first African country to include environmental protection in its constitution. However, more than 35% of Namibians are without work, leaving many of the people in great poverty.

Although more than 90% of the population is Christian, spiritualism has crept its way into the church. However, a prayer movement is sweeping the nation and building community among Christians of several denominational backgrounds. Missionaries need wisdom and discernment to develop specific approaches to reach various people groups.

• Pray for continued religious freedom.

• Pray for reformation among Christians who cling to unbiblical beliefs.

• Pray for life-sustaining jobs for the 35% who are unemployed.

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