Praying around the world – Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked country, currently experiencing an economic downturn and severe winter conditions, affecting livestock numbers across the country. Many people are putting this down to the upcoming ‘year of the monkey’, which is supposed to presage mischief and even Christians are getting taken in by this superstition. Ask that more people would see Who is really in control of things.


Following a turbulent history, by the 17th century Mongolia was ruled by the Chinese. It was not until 1921 that Mongolia gained independence with Soviet backing. The nation now rests between China and Russia, barren and marked with deserts and pastures. This empty landscape mimics the lack of national pride.

Lamaistic Buddhism has been on the rise since independence, and in 1989 there were only an estimated four Christians in the entire nation. Praise God that today there are over 40,000 Mongolian Christians! The Church is less than a generation old, and is already actively sending missionaries to unreached areas of their nation and operating ministries within Mongolia. It has proven difficult for foreign missionaries to adapt to Mongolian culture and the naturally harsh living conditions, (so there is little support for the indigenous churches). (Prayercast)

PrayercastOperation WorldBBC factsheet


• Pray for effective leadership training accessible by those in remote areas.

 • Pray for more leaders to disciple new believers in culturally appropriate ways.

 • Pray for liberation from shamanistic and occult practices through Jesus Christ. (Prayercast)

a) Nomads find their traditional life increasingly difficult to maintain. Pray for culturally sensitive holistic ministries that demonstrate the gospel to them.

b) Kazakhs are a majority in the far-western province of Bayan-Olgiy. Most are Muslim, but a few are Christian. Some Christians work among them, and Muslim missionaries seek to re-Islamize these people.

c) Ethnic minorities. The Chinese and Russian communities have a few believers, with at least one church for each group. Little to no specific outreach is directed toward the Kalmyk, Tuvan and Evenki peoples. (Operation World)


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