Celebrating 895,000 Shoebox Gifts

OCC 2015

From Samaritan’s Purse …

We are delighted to share that your church contributed to us being able to send over 895,000 shoebox gifts from the UK in 2015.  Globally, we delivered over 11.2 million shoeboxes, with many being given to children currently living in refugee camps.

Hundreds of churches and individuals lovingly packed these gifts, whilst thousands of dedicated volunteers carefully checked and prayed over each one.  That is an amazing effort that we would never have accomplished without your involvement – you were an integral part of this campaign and for that we want to thank you!

Daniel Stracinski, our CONNECT Prayer Co-ordinator for the OCC Team in Montenegro, tells us of the impact these gifts have on a community.

“The children were very happy; one boy opened his shoebox and found a Frisbee. He started jumping, running around, calling his friends and showing everyone. Another boy took out a cap and gloves from his shoebox and put them on for everyone to see.  It was such a special time for that small town and school in a remote mountain area.”

Many churches and individuals in the UK also gave generously towards The Greatest Journey project alongside their shoebox gifts.  This will enable our partner churches around the world to train local teachers.  They in turn offer a course of 12 fun and engaging lessons to children who received shoeboxes to find out more about Jesus. Over £74,000 was given, ensuring that 18,000 children will get to go on The Greatest Journey.

Please pray with us for these children and for God’s blessing on the local church overseas as they build relationships within their communities.  As you share this story with your church family – be encouraged that through a simple shoebox gift, this can be the start of a child’s greatest journey in learning about Jesus.



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