Carol Service report

On Sunday, we held our candlelit carol service at St Michael’s. Starting at 4pm, it was still daylight, and surprisingly, the rain stopped and the sun shone for a brief moment across our Advent wreath onto the Nativity scene …


But within minutes, darkness began to fall and we were able to appreciate the beauty of the candles, a reminder of Jesus, the light of the world. Apart from singing many lovely carols, both traditional and more contemporary, we also watched this video,

And heard this poem,

It just swept over me, the wonder of it all
That in the person of his Son
God came to this poor world undone
In such humility.
With Mary on her ass to ride
And faithful Joseph at her side
They made their way to Bethlehem
But found no shelter at the inn
And no one else could take them in.

So in a stable He was born
The Christ of God that wondrous morn
Amidst the cattle and the hay
As in His mother’s arms He lay
In such simplicity.
And in the babe that day began
The great unfolding of God’s plan
Of full salvation brought to man
At such a cost and what a price
Was paid by God’s great sacrifice
At Calvary.

Continuing still that plan unfolds
Until one day the story’s told
When Jesus Christ appears again
In glorious majesty to reign.
With hearts and voices we exclaim
‘All glory be to His great name!’
The wonder of it all, the sheer wonder of it all.

Mary Topham

We wish you all a very special Christmas,
and every blessing for the New Year.



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