Praying around the world – Malta

Malta was first evangelised when Paul was shipwrecked on the Island. This is a small, staunchly Catholic nation with a significant charismatic and evangelical stream within the church. At the moment the nation faces the overwhelming challenge of refugees arriving from North Africa and the Middle East. Please pray for the government struggling to cope and for those who arrive seeking a better life.

Over 96% of the Maltese people consider themselves Christians, and the great majority of this number belong to the Roman Catholic Church, with a small protestant population. The Maltese are very committed to their faith, with over 80% of the population saying their religion is important to them. The majority regularly attends mass. The first nation in Europe to become Christian, Malta has continued this legacy to modern times. Though there is a lack of Christian materials in Maltese, several Christian radio stations broadcast the Good News, and a program allows churches from around the world to adopt a Maltese village in prayer.  While the Maltese have a strong Christian tradition, for many it is just that: a tradition. The non-religious segment of society is growing quickly, and nominalism is high. At the same time there has been a great impact, with Catholic charismatic groups, the Alpha Course, and the JESUS film growing and maturing the Church. (Prayercast)

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PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for the deeply religious majority to gain a living relationship with Christ.

 • Pray for an effective witness to Libyan and Tunisian immigrants.

 • Pray for believers to reach out to those involved in international shipping.


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