Praying around the world – Mali

Mali recently made the headlines when Islamist gunmen attacked a hotel in the capital, Bamako. Although most people are Muslim, there is freedom for Christians to spread the good news, although churches are small. Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a fragile government and a huge reliance on foreign aid. Pray that while there is still the freedom, the gospel may touch the hearts of many in this needy land.

Between Algeria to the north and Niger to the east is the landlocked West African nation of Mali.  Once ruled by France, Mali achieved independence in 1960.  This independence came at a price, though, as a dictatorship held power for over three decades until a 1991 military coup.  Yet from this political rubble has emerged one of the most stable democracies in Africa.  Despite representing multiple ethnic groups of differing languages and histories, Mali has enjoyed peaceful relations among its people.  Fishing in the Niger and Senegal rivers has provided a stable economy that also helps feed a developing agricultural economy.

 However, Mali is one of the twenty-five poorest countries in the world …

Yet, despite the struggles and poverty, God is still there.  The church, though still small, has taken root in the cultures and hearts of the Malian people … Most churches are combining outreach with the relief aid that is so desperately needed.  Sixty percent of Malians are unreached, but there is hope in the small but fervent church that is taking shape.  God’s hope is prevailing.


PrayercastOperation WorldBBC factsheet … Open Doors

PRAYER POINTS  (Prayercast)

• Pray for receptivity to Christ-centered evangelism and resistance to temptations to embrace the Islamic faith.

 • Pray for wisdom in handling extreme issues of poverty that hinder growth and development.

 • Pray for the evangelization of the Bambara people, which would impact other tribes coming to Christ.


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