Christmas Child Boxes – still needed …

We had a great coffee morning on Wednesday, raising funds for OCC, and distributing boxes for people to fill. Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such an enjoyable event, and for all your different contributions (including the washing up!).


We put together a number of boxes with gifts people brought along, so besides those boxes being filled at home by individuals or families, there are four ‘community’ boxes, which are almost complete. We could buy what we still need from the funds we raised, but there may be folk who would like to donate specific items … so here’s the list …

1 x football socks/scarf for a boy, 10-14 years old (ideally in team colours of a popular team, such as Liverpool or Manchester United)
2 x pens/crayons for two children, aged 2-4 years
2 or more sketch/colouring/note books for various ages
Hair decorations/brush/ties for a girl, 2-4 years old
1 x toy car for a young boy, suitable for age 2-4 years
A purse or bag for a young girl, age 2-4 years
A cuddly toy suitable for a boy aged 2-4 years
A cuddly toy suitable for a girl aged 5-9 years
4 sets of soap & flannel for children of all ages

If you would like to donate any of the above, please let Lynda know, in person or by text or email, and she will attempt to keep the list up to date! Remember, all boxes need to be complete by Sunday, November 15th.


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