Praying around the world – Libya

Libya is a country which has fallen apart with two rival governments claiming power, each backed by their own militias, and with Islamic State gaining more and more influence. The lack of effective government has given people smugglers the ability to traffic tens of thousands to Europe. In such an Islamic nation there are few native believers, and even foreign Christians can come under threat. Pray for the Lord to work a miracle in this nation.

This water poor but oil rich country’s earliest inhabitants were Berber tribes, most of which have blended into the Arab majority today. Surrounded by Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt in North Africa, Libya is experiencing political turmoil like several of its neighbors.

Vast oil reserves discovered in 1959 have made Libya one of Africa’s wealthiest nations.  Libya’s recent past, however, has not flowed as smoothly as the oil that has fueled its economy and funded its government.

Libya is 97 percent Sunni Muslim.  It is the state religion and under Qadhafi was seen as more moderate. Few indigenous Libyans are followers of Jesus.  Christian evangelism is illegal, yet slowly more Libyans are accepting Christ in spite of the probability of persecution. Radio, satellite television, and the internet offer viable and effective ways to evangelize and disciple, but Bibles and other Christian materials are also needed. (Prayercast – edited extract)

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for God’s protection of His children in the midst of political upheaval.

 • Pray for a new government favorable to religious freedom.

 • Pray for increased availability of Bibles and accelerated translation of the scriptures into Libyan Arabic.


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