Praying around the world – Liberia

Liberia  was destroyed during a horrific civil war that only ended in 2003, leaving behind a legacy of child soldiers, amputees, victims of sexual violence, and a completely ruined economy. Many church leaders were killed or fled, and buildings destroyed. Recently it has had to deal with the Ebola crisis. Pray for the gospel to reach into the darkest corners, to bring reconciliation and to overcome the dark spiritual forces in the land.

Liberty.  Freedom.  Independence.  Built on the backs of freed slaves, Liberia was founded on these principles in the hope of establishing a nation in which man was not owned.  Though Liberia is the oldest republic in Africa, a national identity has only started to take shape after surviving two civil wars in the past thirty years.

An estimated 68% of the population live below the poverty level, only 60% can read, and a mere quarter of the people have access to safe drinking water.  The violence of years past remains evident on damaged buildings and roads, and political corruption is still leaving the people questioning their trust in the authorities placed above them.

Yet God is still there. (Prayercast)

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for healing from terrible pain caused by two civil wars and the rebuilding that must occur in this impoverished nation.

 • Pray for spiritually mature leaders in the churches who will preach the Bible with integrity.

 • Pray for restoration for Liberia’s children — 50% of the population — who struggle to overcome the devastation of war.


Operation World … Prayercast … BBC profile


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