Praying around the world – Lebanon

This week we are praying for Lebanon – a small but vitally important country in the Middle East. It is home to an immensely complex number of ancient Christian denominations, missionary outreaches, Sunni and Shia Muslims sects, with other minorities such as the Druze. The country has been without an effective government for over a year and is overwhelmed by up to 800,000 refugees from Syria. Pray for stability, for Christians to know how to respond with love and wisdom to the present crisis, and for a new vicar for the Anglican church of All Saints, Beirut.

Operation WorldPrayercastBBC fact sheet

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for preservation of religious freedom.

 • Pray for Christians to commit to staying in the land in order to spread the gospel to their neighbors.

 • Pray for healing and forgiveness for those deeply wounded by the tragedy of war.

Lebanon is the only remaining country in the Middle East where people are free to change religions, but Christians make up only one-third of the population, and hostility to the gospel has led to their increasing exodus from the country. Yet hope abounds: para-church organizations reach out to Lebanon’s youth; and Christian radio, television, and literature afford opportunities to reach people caught in bitterness, distrust, and hopelessness. As opportunity remains to proclaim truth in Lebanon, every attempt to take advantage of this open door must be leveraged to reach the hearts and minds of its people. (Prayercast)



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