Praying around the world – Latvia

We come this week to the Baltic state of Latvia which became independent from Russia in 1917, was reconquered in 1940 and regained its freedom in 1991. Only a small minority of the population have a living faith and the country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. The country continues to have an uneasy relationship with Russia, and the large Russian minority in Latvia is viewed with suspicion. Pray for the gospel to give this country peace and hope and freedom in their hearts.

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Home to the world’s fourth highest suicide rate, Latvia paints a landscape of hopelessness across a backdrop of beautiful natural scenery and strong and centered family life. The hope and optimism of emerging from Soviet rule were met with the emptiness and equally bleak colors of many social problems. Alcohol, drugs, a rapidly growing sex trade, and high abortion rates rushed to fill the void of the moral vacuum left by their new found freedom. Latvians desperately need healing and light as they continue to stumble along in the darkness. (Prayercast)

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for harvest workers to embrace the younger generation before they follow in the footsteps of their atheistic ancestors.

• Pray for despair and suicide to melt away before the hope of the Living God.

• Pray for renewal and revival among lethargic churches filled with nominal believers.


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