New Bishop of Crediton

Revd Dame Sarah Mullally is to be the next Bishop of Crediton. Dame Sarah is currently Canon Treasurer at Salisbury Cathedral. Prior to ordination Dame Sarah was the government’s Chief Nursing Officer for England. She was consecrated in Canterbury Cathedral in July. Everyone is invited to attend a special welcome service in Exeter Cathedral at 4pm on Saturday, 12th September.

Sarah  came to faith when she was 15 in a church youth group. She had attended Sunday School, being taken by her grandparents. Their faith had a hugely positive impact on Sarah and she says: “I am interested now in the role of grandparents in the development of faith with their grandchildren.”

As she grew in her faith she says: “I developed an understanding that we are called to be Christ in the world. At that time women were not ordained so it didn’t even occur to me to think about ordination but I had a growing sense of wanting to be with people in the difficult times of their lives, so I became a nurse.”

Sarah attended a very active church in south Lambeth which she says: “Taught me a lot about equality and about God’s love which brought together a diverse community of people to worship.”

God’s call to Sarah was persistent and despite not receiving support from everyone in the church, she decided to explore her call further and was recommended for ordination training, which was now an option for women. After a time working as a self-supporting minister while she continued as Chief Nursing Officer for England, Sarah decided to take up a full time ministry post and was a Team Rector in Sutton, Surrey, before being installed as Canon Treasurer at Salisbury Cathedral.

As she prepares to become a bishop Sarah explains that all her past experiences have helped prepare her for the role. “I never thought I would become a bishop. But now that I am, I bring a deep Christian faith, rooted in God. I bring love of people and a desire to share the good news of the gospel. I do see myself as someone who serves and enables others and who encourages and wants to listen.”

She adds: “My future wish is to know and be known to the people in Devon. It is a privilege. I look forward to meeting people in the Diocese of Exeter and especially those in the episcopal area of Crediton, where I shall be based.”



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