Praying around the world – South Korea

South Korea, in contrast to its northern neighbour, has been a model of economic growth and political stability since the war ended in 1953, although the threat from the north still remains. The story of the church is one of unprecedented growth so that now nearly a third of the nation calls themselves Christians and there are Korean missionaries around the world. Pray however that the church will remain united and concerned to reach the young who are increasingly materialistic.

PrayercastOperation World

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for continued blessing on the Korean church and its remarkable commitment to fervent prayer and a broad missions vision.

 • Pray for youth to be compelled by a genuine Christian faith rather than the expectations and offerings of the world.

 • Pray for perseverance as a formidable missions-sending nation and the flexibility and cultural sensitivity to be effective abroad.


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