Praying around the world – Kuwait

Kuwait is a moderate Islamic nation in the Middle East with a constitutional monarchy and elected parliament and is also a key Western ally. 90% of its exports come from oil. Only 35% of the population are native Kuwaitis and people from many countries come to work there. There are large numbers of Christians amongst the foreigners, but there are few legal meeting places which are full to bursting with large numbers of congregations. Pray for the freedom to worship to continue, and thatthe extreme Islamic element does not gain further ground.

PrayercastOperation World

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• Pray for God to use His unlimited resources to make Himself known to Muslims.

 • Pray for the salvation of Kuwaitis studying in nations where the Gospel is openly proclaimed.

 • Pray for expatriate believers to be fearless speakers of truth.


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