Praying around the world – extra!

Mizoram, India

It was a delight on Monday evening to welcome to our joint churches prayer meeting a group of young people who had recently completed a gap year experience with BMS working in Mizoram, India.

Mizoram is a state of India in the far east of India, bordering both Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Mizoram on map

We heard how the state of over a million people is now 87% Christian, following the arrival of Baptist and Presbyterian missionaries in the early 20th century. The team of four, Matthew, Bruce, Lucy and Sonya, worked with young people in the churches, in schools and in a local orphanage. They took English lessons and bible classes, as well as helping in practical ways and it was lovely to hear their stories of the welcome they received and all that they – and the children – learned while they were there.

Now they are home, they are spending some weeks travelling round various churches, sharing their experiences not only within the churches, but also in schools and with youth groups. It was a joy to have them with us, and to pray for them as they continue to travel around and as they decide what to to next (academic) year.

Our next joint prayer meeting is on July 6th, at 7:30pm … venue to be confirmed.




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