The PCCs of both churches have recently adopted a joint Safeguarding Policy. Until now, we have been operating under the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy, however requirements have changed and we now need our own policy, adapted to our local circumstances. This has been written, edited and approved by a sub-committee appointed by the Joint PCC, and has now been adopted by both PCCs at their recent meetings.

Safeguarding is an important issue, vital to the safety of our members and visitors, and significant in guarding our reputation as churches that are safe places for the vulnerable to come and share whatever needs they may have.

You may see a copy of our Safeguarding Policy here, there is a new page on the website here, and you can read more at both churches on the newly arranged notice boards.

Our safeguarding officers may be contacted via the Safeguarding page. However,

If you believe someone to be in immanent danger of harm, contact the Police by dialling 999 from any phone

If your concern involves a church officer, or if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please contact CCPAS (Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service) by ringing 0845 1204550 – line open 24/7 (you will need to state that you are from Exeter Diocese)

If you need to talk to someone about abuse that may have happened to you, the NSPCC has a confidential helpline: 0800 389 5344

Our safeguarding officers are,

Click on image for names and responsibilities

Please remember, that if you identify any concerns regarding the mental or physical abuse of a child or adult, you are obliged to report it.


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