Praying around the world – Jordan

Jordan  is a small but vitally important country in the Middle East. It is a stable monarchy with freedom for its Christian minority. However it has had to cope with the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Iraq and Syria, as well as respond to the civil war in Yemen. Pray for the peace of the country, and for Christians to stay there, rather than emigrate. Pray also they would know how to witness to their Muslim neighbours with the good news of Jesus Christ.


PrayercastOperation WorldBBC profile

As a land once marked with the footsteps of such men as Abraham, Job, Moses, and Jesus Christ, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is rich with Biblical history. As a result, Christians consider areas of Jordan to be holy, although only two percent of the population identify themselves as followers of Christ. Muslims and Jews also believe in Jordan’s divine landscape, making the nation a crossroads of Holy Lands. Without the prevalence of oil found in most other Middle Eastern countries, the nation relies on tourism and foreign aid in order to offset a high budget deficit, and Jordan’s economy is the smallest in the Middle East.

Jordan is categorized as a restricted nation, where Christians are persecuted or oppressed as a result of government policy, and a staggering 14 of the 21 people groups in Jordan have not heard the Gospel. (Prayercast)


Looking toward Jordan across the Dead Sea


• Pray for current religious freedom to remain despite increasing pressure to suppress it.

 • Pray for the multitude of refugees who have crossed into Jordan to clearly hear the true gospel.

 • Pray for Christianity to be held in high regard so that God’s work in this strategic part of the Middle East would not be thwarted.


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