June Coffee Morning – Send a Cow

Our Coffee Morning in June, is in aid of Send a Cow

The world’s hungry are farming families. In Africa 70% rely on their land to feed their families and make a living. Yet climate change means harvests are less reliable. Rains fail. Land is less productive. Disease and conflict further undermine the very fabric of African communities and a family’s ability to grow enough food to survive. This can change.

Send a Cow has not evolved like other development organisations.  We’ve remained true to our roots; farmers working with farmers, speaking the same language, learning together how to make a living from the land.  Developed over 25 years it’s a response that works. Communities are united and farmers have the self-belief and skills to transform the soil beneath them.

By giving to Send a Cow, you are showing you want families to be lifted out of poverty for good, not just for a few years. Your contribution will help build a confident and thriving rural Africa: village by village, region by region, country by country. Your support will lead to permanent change where people are happier, families are more harmonious and children are educated. (sendacow.org)

See here for the range of gifts we can send. From £7 for a chicken, or £27 for a sheep, right up to £605 for a diary cow, anything we raise can be used to help families farm and feed themselves. A local cow costs £205 … can we buy a family a cow that will manure the fields, pull the plough and breed offspring for sale?

Last year we raised £300 for toilet twinning … is it too ambitious to hope we might be able to buy a local cow as our project this year?!

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So, do join us on Wednesday, June 10th, 10:30am at St Michael’s Church


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