Praying around the world – Hungary

We pray this week for Hungary – once part of a large empire across Central Europe, then for 50 years a small country under Communist rule, now a democracy, but with far right parties gaining ground. As in so many Eurpoean nations, many claim to be Christian with little understanding what it means. Pray for renewal in the Catholic and Reformed churches, for leadership which is bold and courageous, and for effective outreach to the next generation.

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Hungary 2

PRAYER POINTS (Prayercast)

• The people of Hungary to recognize the destructive attitudes of suspicion, mistrust and divisions from their past in Marxism and to accept, trust and find hope in Jesus Christ.

• A spiritual revival in the existing churches that will result in a vision to reach those hurting and questioning.

• More neighborhood evangelical churches to be planted with equipped leadership to reach new believers and seekers.


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