Christmas Craft

Every once in a while at Christmas, we spend some time together during a service making decorations for our Christmas tree 🙂 In essence, we are giving thanks in a practical way, and having a bit of fun together as we do so!

This year, we made pipe-cleaner icicles … the original idea is here if you’d like to take a look.


It’s really quite straightforward. Take a glittery pipe-cleaner and some beads. Thread one bead onto the end of the pipe-cleaner, bend it over slightly and twist – so that the remaining beads don’t fall off.

C mas 14

The next bit is rather fiddly … you can either wrap the pipe-cleaner around a pencil and then thread on some beads (which is very fiddly but makes a nice, tight spiral), or you can thread the beads before wrapping (which makes a less tidy ornament, but it will be much more individual) …


Finally, finish off with another bead twisted onto the end to secure the beads, and thread a length of thin ribbon or similar through the bead to make a hanging loop.


And that’s it! And here’s what they look like … and as you can see, some folk were very inventive!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a rather unusual service, but great fun … and folk continued making ornaments over coffee long after the service was over!

Later in the day we came together again, to sing carols and to praise and worship our King, born as a baby, yet born to be King and Saviour …


It was altogether a very special day.



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