Praying around the world – Finland

Finland is a wealthy, prosperous and stable country which borders Russia. The state Lutheran church has a history of revivals and sending missionaries all over the world. However like many state churches across Europe, it is struggling with ageing and declining congregations, more liberal theology, and people turning away from the faith. Pray for the church to be renewed in our day.

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Over 80% of people in Finland identify themselves as Christians, and many attend the Lutheran Church of Finland. The church is known for sending out missionaries to all nations, specifically the unevangelized world, and the nation can easily access the former Soviet Republics as a result of its location. While the church has steadily sent out missionaries, though, local church attendance has dramatically declined, and Islam and fringe religions are growing. Meanwhile, churches are adopting a secularized view of the Gospel. Only 8% of Finns claim to attend any kind of religious service every month, and only 3% go weekly. (Prayercast)



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