Memorial Service … in the press

From the Herald, Tuesday  29th July 2014

Church seeks information on memorials’ war heroes

A CHURCH will commemorate World War One and is seeking to find out more about those who died from the parish during the conflict.St Michael’s Church, at Albert Road in Stoke, will hold the service on Sunday.Reverend Tim Buckley is also calling for the community to come together to help add to the church’s archives in identifying those who are listed on war memorials.He said: “We are holding a special service at St Michael’s to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One.”This is very much a service for the local community, and anyone from Stoke and Devonport is welcome to attend.”We are keen to hear from anyone who knows anything about any of the names listed on the war memorials at St Michael’s and St Barnabas.”We have recently put the names and their details online and want to collect more information about those listed.”The St Michael’s memorial is particularly poignant because it not only lists the names of those who fell, but where they served and in many cases how they passed away.”We already know a few amazing stories about those who served but would like to know more.”We have a memorial at the church to the Reverend Teape, who was vicar at the church from 1904 to 1918.”His son is on the war memorial as he was killed in 1916.”An elderly lady told me a few years back that the Rev Teape was told his son had been killed as he was on his way to a service, and he carried on with the service nonetheless.”



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