First World War Commemoration

The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI is on August 4th this year. To mark the occasion, we are holding a commemoration service at St Michael’s at 4pm on Sunday, August 3rd. There will also be an opportunity to honour the occasion at St Barnabas, on Tuesday, 5th August at 2pm (as part of our Contact gathering).

Both churches have memorials to those who died in the conflict. St Barnabas has a wall plaque, and St Michael’s has a roll of honour …



Click on the image for a transcribed document of each memorial … St Barnabas’ simply lists names, while St Michael’s’ also gives rank, the date of death and location (if known) …

St Barnabas imageIf any of these names mean anything to you, we’d like to hear from you! It would be very special to have family members at the service on August 3rd. Please contact us or join us one Sunday morning (9.30am at St Barnabas or 11am at St Michael’s). You will be very welcome.



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