Praying around the world – Egypt

Egypt has experienced much turmoil recently. Pray for the new president Al Sisi, for protection of the large Christian minority from Islamic extremists, and for security and economic prosperity. The Anglican church particularly asks for prayer as it seeks to minister to over 140,000 refugees from Syria and for a new work amongst prisoners in Alexandria. 

Egypt lies in the heart of the Muslim world – if there is a country that we should be praying for, Egypt is it. Many Christian leaders believe Egypt is the key to bringing the love of Christ to the unreached masses in the Arab world.

• Pray for a strong and trustworthy government that will act in the interest of all its people.

 • Pray for Coptic Christians to receive the encouragement and boldness they need to stand firm before their oppressors.

 • Pray for Muslim-background believers to share Christ’s love with their families and neighbours.



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