Praying around the world – Domenica

Dominica is heavily dependent on income from those working abroad, and banana exports­. It also has a small population of Carib Indians, the last survivors of the native peoples in the Caribbean. Pray for the church as it copes with issues of finance, leadership and nominalism.



Dominica’s practicing Catholic population has decreased in numbers, and nominalism has increased among those who remain.  Fresh insight, wisdom, and spiritual leadership are greatly needed because of the island’s relative isolation. The Carib Indians, the last in the world, live in an isolated region of Dominica, which leads them to be cut off socially and spiritually from the rest of the population. Christians do exist within the Carib population, though most are nominal. The pastors must often take second jobs due to Dominica’s economic fragility, frequently resulting in burn-out. (Prayercast)

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