Small groups, Spring 2014


Spring 2014

Our small groups meet either weekly or fortnightly (see below).

We spend time reading the Bible and working out what it says to us today, and how to put it into practice. And we spend time in prayer and fellowship, getting to know each other, and supporting each other as we live out our faith from day to day.

Small groups are an essential part of the life of our churches. If you’re not already part of a group, don’t miss out any longer! Everyone is welcome, simply come and join us at a time that suits you.

This term we will be looking at the 10 Commandments. Why they are still relevant today? How do we live them out in our increasingly secular society? What do they teach us about the character of God and about our need of the saviour, Jesus? We will be reading passages from the Gospels and Acts alongside Exodus to explore these and other questions.

Material from each session will be posted on the church website. Talk to Rev Tim for more information. Bring your Bible … refreshments provided!

BIBLE EXPLORED – Tuesdays, 7.30pm at Ray and Elaine’s and 7.30pm Wednesdays at the Vicarage

GIFT Group – alternate Thursdays, 2pm at St Barnabas

See What’s On for specific dates.



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