Advent Resources

Another source of Advent material is Sanctuary First, a project based in Glasgow that aims to establish a network of  Christian worshippers around the world who will be encouraged on a daily basis by the prayers, scripture readings and video podcasts that appear on the site. With a monthly theme, and using written prayers, videos and other online media, this is a polished and interesting website and is well worth exploring.

The Advent theme is Journeying


How can we stay on the right path, O God
when we are waylaid by distractions
and by discouragement,
when we are lured
by the notion of comfort
and familiarity?
How can we keep on travelling
In new directions
by different routes
that take us down roads
we would rather not discover?
You promise us little
in the way of material reward.
You simply beckon
and expect us to follow.
It’s not easy to be faithful,
to keep on going.
We like to have the end in sight.
We are risk averse.
But every journey we make with you
is fraught with uncertainty
besieged with challenge.
Lord, grant us determination
to stick it out
assured by the knowledge
that you match your stride to ours.

Liz Crumlish, Castlehill Parish Church, Ayr

There is also a daily email/text that you can sign up to with a challenge for living out the Christian faith each day throughout Advent, as well as lots more for Advent and Christmas. Enjoy!


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