Praying around the world – Belize

This week we come to Belize in central America, with a mixed population of English, Spanish and Creole. Although Christianity is the majority religion, there is much black magic and superstition. The country is also known for its production of illegal drugs. Pray for the Anglican diocese of Belize and its cathedral celebrating its 200th anniversary, and for the whole church in Belize to be revived.

If you’ve not yet discovered Prayercast do take a look at their site – they provide background information, a video and prayer points for each country they cover.

Once a British colony, Belize is a flat, swampy nation located between Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Although there is still much dispute concerning the specific borders of Belize with Guatemala, their location makes them subject to many hurricanes that often destroy the coastal plain. Though Belize gained its independence in 1981, it continues to be an active member of the Commonwealth of Nations and maintains the British monarch as the head of state.  While its constitution guarantees widespread media freedoms, Belize continues to be one of few countries without a daily newspaper … click for more (Prayercast – Belize)

Background information – Belize travel guide

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