Sermon series – Romans

Today was the last of our sermon series in Romans 12-16 … and there is no doubt that we have heard God speak to us as his people, the churches of St Barnabas and St Michael’s, the body of Christ.

If you didn’t hear Rev Tim bring the series to a close at St Barnabas this morning, do take the opportunity to read his sermon in which he brings the series to a conclusion. Or if you missed any of the series, or need a reminder of anything you heard, here are the links you need …

The Missionary Church – Romans 12 – 16

Being the Body of Christ (Romans 12:1-8) St Barnabas/St Michael

Love must be sincere (Romans 12:9-21)

Love in the wider world (Romans 13:1-7)

Ready for the big day! (Romans 13:8-14)

Accept him whose faith is weak (Romans 14)

Accept one another then … (Romans 15)

Wrapping up Romans (Romans 16)


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