Operation World

Each week we have a short item in our Notice Sheet called Praying around the World. This week we begin to systematically pray right around the world, week by week, using Operation World as our guide.

OW was first published in 1964 and is now in its seventh edition:

Our longing is for this book to be seen as a tool for prayer …  The book (itself) weighs less than one kilogram, yet if all the desires, requests and goals expressed in it were to be implemented it would radically change the nations of this world. Wars would be ended, ethnic hatreds tamed, politicians become honest, economic justice achieved, poverty eliminated, ecological degradation ended and disease halted. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ would be provided with godly leaders, it would be renewed, revived, united in vision, mobilized for mission and readied for the return of its Head. Jesus would return with the world evangelized and the Church complete! That is the wish. How much of the earthly and how quickly the eternal agendas would be achieved depends heavily on one activity – prayer in the name of Jesus to a loving, sovereign Father.

It is a mystery that our loving Father has somehow limited His omnipotence to partner with His redeemed people so that His actions in the world are inextricably linked with our prayers.

The nations are there for the asking …

an extract from the Operation World website

So, starting at the beginning, this week we are praying for Afghanistan

Click on the link for statistics, information and specific prayer needs for Afghanistan, and for a link to the relevant Prayercast page.


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