Are you reading …

… the bible study guide to 1 Thessalonians we recommended? If so, please do share with us by leaving a comment on this post.

  • What did you think of the study?
  • What did you learn about being a Christian?
  • What questions do you have arising from the study?
  • What encouraged you as you read?
  • What did you learn about God, Jesus or yourself?

1 Thess


One Response to Are you reading …

  1. sue w says:

    Yes, I have read 1 Thessalonians. I thought it was a great little book. Easy to understand and great for new Christians and old. I personally found it to be a great source of encouragement and a reminder that we need to be with fellow Christians to support, pray and encourage one another and have fellowship with them. The importance of reading God’s word, to know how we should behave and act to please God.I also liked the fact there were daily prayers which I found reflective and helped me to broaden my prayer life into the wider, worldwide church in a meaningful way. I would recommend this book to everyone .

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