Enough Food #2

Campaigning for an end to global hunger is about more than signing a petition. One of the strongest messages you can send to politicians and companies is through the food you put on your own plate.

Why not take a pledge to do these simple things to help make IF happen?

Enough Food For Everyone IF…we buy fair trade products

Choosing fair trade means more poor farmers and workers can put enough food on the table for their own families because we’re paying a fair price for the food they produce.

The Fairtrade Mark is on thousands of products, including many everyday goods such as coffee and chocolate. The British public already sips its way through 8 million Fairtrade hot drinks a day – The Fairtrade Foundation

The Diocese of Exeter, and St Barnabas Church, are pledged to support Fairtrade

Enough Food For Everyone IF…we love leftovers and hate waste

We can reduce the demand on our food system by cutting waste and loving those leftovers. In the UK, we throw away 15 million tonnes of food every year, almost half which comes from our own homes. Wasting food costs the average household £680 a year. That’s roughly £50 a month. Ouch!

From soups to quiches to fried rice, we can all make our leftovers stretch to another meal or two.

Enough Food For Everyone IF…we choose food that keeps us healthy and helps the planet

From meat-free Fridays or Mondays to making the most of your Sunday roast chicken leftovers, eating less meat must be on the menu. Right now, 40% of the world’s grain harvest is going to feed livestock instead of hungry people. As well as cutting down, why not choose meat, fruit and vegetables from sustainable, local and organic sources? It’s gentler on the food system, good for all of us and for the future.

Find out more – including shopping and food saving tips – here


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