Enough Food?

The world produces enough food for everyone, but more than two million children die every year because they can’t get enough to eat.

The food system is broken. Yet there are four areas that can make all the difference.

Aid – Enough Food For Everyone IF we give enough aid to stop children dying from hunger and help the poorest families feed themselves.

Tax – Enough Food For Everyone IF governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries.

Land – Enough Food For Everyone IF we stop poor farmers being forced off their land and grow crops to feed people, not fuel cars.

Transparency – Enough Food For Everyone IF governments and big companies are honest and open about their actions that stop people getting enough food.

A historic coalition of more than 100 development and faith groups have come together to campaign for action on the issue of global hunger. The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign unites organisations including Tearfund and Christian Aid.

During the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, there’ll be particular moments when we need to urge world leaders to bring an end to the hunger crisis.

UK Budget, March 2013
The Budget is much more than just a speech in parliament. The decisions made in the March Budget affect millions of people all over the world. This year, let’s make sure that George Osborne keeps his promise to the world’s poorest people to spend 0.7% of our national income on life-saving aid.

While British aid saves lives right now, poor countries don’t want to remain dependent forever. They’re trying hard to raise more of their own money to end hunger and poverty, but tax dodging by multinational companies is making their job much, much harder. The Budget can help change this, too.

Hunger Summit, June 2013
Did you know that David Cameron’s planning a Hunger Summit to coincide with the G8 conference? The IF coalition will work to make sure leaders tackle our four big issues.

UK G8 Summit, 17-18 June 2013
David Cameron will be hosting the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, and aid, tax, land and transparency are all on the agenda.

As Christians we can make a difference simply by being aware of these opportunities and praying for those involved.

enoughfoodif.org is a coalition of aid and faith agencies working together to make a difference. If you want to do more, or simply find out more, click on any of the links in this post


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