Book Review

book coverHow about a new book for New Year?! Don’t be put off by the title, this book isn’t suitable just for those who lead from the front. It’s about how to grow a church by focussing on service and joy, and that’s something we can all get involved in! Each chapter explores one main principle of church growth, such as God wants to build up your local church, and he provides gifts of spiritual leadership to help the flock grow (Chapter 1). The book builds on the underlying principle that a church is shaped by it’s leaders – not just the minister since by leaders it means anyone who takes responsibility for the spiritual life and growth of others, including home group leaders, activity leaders and generally anyone who serves by getting involved. In other words, a leader is anyone who is able to create opportunities for others to grow.

Local churches are God’s idea, not human institutions. the Bible describes them as the household of God. It says that God lives in the middle of these communities … (p.17)

It’s a challenging read – there are questions throughout that ask you to take a close look at your own relationship with God, and suggestions for ways to think again about your priorities and aims. It challenges us not to be content with how things are, but to strive to improve and deepen our experience of God. It’s also an encouraging read – there are some really simple ways to both change and build your own walk of faith and to contribute to the growth of your local church. And yes, it will give you an insight into how to lead a church – and how to support those already involved in leadership, and to encourage those who may be considering how to use their gifts (of any and all descriptions).

If you read this book – let us know what you think, and if you think it’s worth the effort, pass it on!


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