Bishop Gideon of Thika

We were delighted to welcome Bishop Gideon and Provost Joseph to St Michael’s on Thursday, 12th September. They are on a visit from our link Diocese of Thika, Kenya and it was our privilege to spend some time with them, strengthening the links we have between us.

Provost Joseph (at the lecturn) and Bishop Gideon
bring greetings from Kenya

A number of church members were able to join us, to share in fellowship as we worshipped and ate together. The afternoon opened with a short talk (unplanned!) from Bishop Gideon about the life of his diocese and the rapid growth they have experienced in the past few years since the diocese was established.  Provost Joseph and Bishop Gideon brought greetings from our brothers and sisters in Kenya, and then Rev Tim gave a short presentation with slides of our life here as a parish.

Bishop Gideon tells us about life in the church in Thika

Both Joseph and Gideon asked a number of questions about the life of the church in Plymouth, and shared their observations, having already visited a number of other churches in the area. But it was over tea, after spending some time in prayer and worship together, that we really got to know them as we spent time chatting and sharing and learning about each other. There were some very poignant moments as we each misunderstood the other because of our cultural differences!

It was all too soon to say goodbye, but Rev Tim was delighted to learn that he will see more of Bishop Gideon at the Diocesan Clergy Conference next week, before they both return to Kenya … taking our greetings with them, to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Thika.

Ian bids Bishop Gideon farewell,
together with Carole (St M’s Thika link) and Jane (Diocesan link)


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