Becoming a Fairtrade church

St Barnabas PCC decided at their recent meeting to work toward Fairtrade status. The Diocese of Exeter is encouraging churches across Devon to consider this possibility, and you can see more of what is involved here, on the Diocesan website.

Bishop Michael at the launch of the Diocesan Fairtrade initiative

‘Being committed to Fairtrade is one way of being committed to the realisation of Isaiah’s dream that no more will people build for others to live or plant so that others can eat (Isaiah 65.20-23).’
Bishop Michael

Fairtrade helps churchgoers express their Christian faith in everyday life, by giving an integrity to our faith, and by seeking justice for the many producers around the world on whom we rely for daily supplies.

Fairtrade churches make the following commitments …

  1. We will use Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar when we serve refreshments, after services and for all church events.
  2. We will move forward on using Fairtrade biscuits and fruit as they become more available and look for local milk and produce from our Devon farmers whenever possible.
  3. We will feature and explain Fairtrade principles throughout the year but particularly during Fairtrade Fortnight (annually in Feb/March).

We have appointed a Fairtrade coordinator, so contact us for more information.


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