Faith comes by hearing …

It’s not too late to begin a Lent discipline this year … we are only three days into Lent, after all! We’ve already looked at a number of possibilities, and here’s another from the Bible Society …

Fit the Bible into your busy lifestyle

You've Got The Time LogoDiscover the Bible in a new and exciting way through our new FREE listening programme You’ve Got the Time.

You will be enriched and inspired as you listen to the whole of the New Testament for just 28 minutes a day over 40 days.

Whether you’re on a lunch break, at the gym, walking the dog or doing the shopping – with You’ve Got the Time, the Bible can fit into your busy day.

What you get

A FREE download of the New Testament – a new CEV version recorded by Riding Lights Theatre Company.

And a simple listening plan – this will take you all the way from Matthew to Revelation in just 40 days.

Over 18 hours of quality recording free … now there’s no excuse to ‘do something for Lent’ this year!


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